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Line 6 Pod XT (new) - $250

Radical Tone has ONE Line 6 Pod XT in stock (new).

This amazing guitar "toolbox" has received a customer satisfaction FIVE-STAR rating. The POD-XT is the Ultimate Tone Toolbox For Guitar...

POD re-wrote the rules of guitar recording. Amp tone from Line 6's flagship Vetta. Effects based on Echoplex, Uni-Vibe, Tube Screamer, and over 40 more. Virtual microphones with on/off axis options and unbelievable authenticity. There's even a dedicated studio-quality compressor.

Line 6 Pod XT Guitar FX

PODXT is the new must-have magic box for outrageously uncompromising guitar tone. With 64 user/factory presets, many based on some of the most popular guitar songs ever recorded, you'll have instant access to an unbelievable collection of classic guitar rigs.

POD-XT has a USB digital in/out for direct digital computer recording. And its flash-based memory means easy upgrades to keep your PODXT on the cutting edge.


* 32 Legendary and Classic Amp Models
* 22 Cab & 4 Mic models
* 49 Stompbox and Studio Effects
* Routing Options
* 64 Channel Memories
* Deep Editing
* USB Digital I/O
* Built-in Chromatic Tuner
* Full MIDI Support

Line 6 Floor Board (New / Demo) - $200

Radical Tone has ONE Line 6 Floor Board in stock (new / demo).

Line 6 Top of the "Line" Pedal Board
The Line 6 FBV control pedal adds even more functionality, flexibility, and convenience to your Vetta, Duoverb, Spyder II amps or Pod XT. The board features dedicated channel switches, dedicated effects on/off switches, large name display, wah pedal with toe switch on/off, volume pedal, chromatic digital tuner and tap tempo.

Line 6 Floor Board

The Line 6 FBV features a backlit display that shows where you are, and rugged steel stomp switches and twin expression pedals to give you complete control of where you're going.


* Dedicated channel switches.
* Dedicated effects on/off switches.
* Large name display.
* Wah pedal with toe switch on/off.
* Volume pedal.
* Chromatic digital tuner.
* Tap Tempo.