Fuchs Train 45 Amp

    The Train-45® ... your new tone just pulled into the station!

  • Train Forty-Five ™ 45 Watt

Fuchs Train-45 AmpInspired by the fabled "Trainwreck Express" vintage amp, The Fuchs Train 45 has a host of sweetspots -- a stellar clean tone -- fat, with tons of low-end response, plenty of midrange and gorgeous high-end sparkle. The Train's tone controls are extremely responsive, touch-sensitivity is phenomenal and note-separation is also nice. The bright switch produces tones from bassy to shrill. Gain control adjustments achieve punchy, loud, blues tone on up to great rock tones.

Train-45 Features

The Train-45, BlackJack-21 and Lucky-7 series are single channel non master style amps with a more rock and roll attitude than the Fuchs ODS and TDS amps. This new series of amps offers that rock and roll tone and attitude in varying power levels. All models share a similar “in your face” attitude, at different power levels. The top-model in the series is the Train-45 -- a traditional “wreck-style” amp that has both the EL-34 power and attitude to drag off to a gig and shake some people up. This amp is clean to mean from both the guitar volume control and your hands, a simple, short signal path for maximum speedy response and hand-to-speaker transfer, and just plain simple to “grab and go.” The Train-45 has the basic 3-gain stage circuit topology of the original Trainwreck Express.

Fuchs Train-45 Amp BackAudiophile style circuit techniques bring out the best in any tube circuit. Guitar amps are no different. The Train-45 starts with an audiophile style high voltage storage system. Instead of using single large capacitors, the Train-45 has a group of smaller capacitors in a bank. By using a bank of smaller capacitors ganged together to produce one large capacitance, you end up with a power supply that is both forceful yet agile. One that holds lots of energy for transients, yet can respond quickly to each and every note.

The amp is laid out on a heavy fiberglass two-sided circuit board. The power and preamp tubes are off the board on premium grade sockets. Extremely wide and heavy traces were uesed to emulate a hard-wired amp. Andy Fuchs made constant comparisons to both real Wrecks, many of the so-called Wreck-clones, and to his own hard-wired prototypes.

Fuchs Train-45 Amp ComboLike the high-end ODS and TDS Fuchs® amps it shares much of the same premium metal work including an aircraft grade aluminum chassis, and a cooling fan.

Train-45 logo

The Train-45® features a unique train logo with an LED “headlight”, which is super-bright and will never need replacement!

Train-45 Specifications

Cabinet: 10.5 deep, 8” tall, 18” wide
Weight: 35 lbs
Cabinet Material: Pine
Covering: Tolex
Power tubes: 2 X EL-34/6CA7. (6V6’s may be used for reduced power)
Preamp tubes: 3 X 12AX7
Controls: 3-position brite switch brite/flat/dark. Gain, high, mid, low, presence.
Rear panel: IEC Detachable power cord, fuse holder, AC and Standby switches. 4, 8, 16-ohm outputs (one each)

Rated Power: 35 watts clean 45 watts peak with EL-34/6CA7’s
6v6’s provide approximately 22 watts of power

Fuchs Train Hardwood OptionCustom Options

Hardwood Shell
Tolex Color
Grill Cloth Color

Combo Amps & Cabinets

Fuchs Audio Technology combo amps and cabinets are now shipping standard with the new Eminence Wizard 12" guitar driver. These new speakers are part of the new Red Coat line from Eminence, and are designed to emulate the sound of the classic G12H-30 Celestion speaker, known for being one of the most popular most tonally balanced drivers for guitar. It features an English-made cone, on an American made stamped basket, with a 56 oz magnet and 1.75" voice coil diameter.

Train-45 Manual

Download our TRAIN-45 Operations Manual (PDF format)

Fuchs train-45™ List Prices

Heads Cabinet Retail Price Request a Quote
for a TRAIN-45 Amp
Train-45 Tolex Shell   $1999
Train-45 Combo Tolex 1x12 $2295
Train-45 Hardwood Head
with hardwood knobs and exotic oiled wooden head shell in Oak, Mahogany, Maple. Other hardwood available by special order.