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Magazine reviews

20th Century Guitar "Nails the "Dumble" tone to a tee... and then some. (Dumble amps are used by Robben Ford, Larry Carlton...) The overdrive is amazingly articulate and detailed with a well-defined sweet attack. The Overdrive Supreme excels at everything it does. From crystal clear to detailed clean sounds to its harmonically complex and articulate overdrive, the amp holds its sonic integrity at any volume level." -- Ray Matuza (20th Century Guitar)

Guitar Player “The Overdrive Supreme [Fuchs ODS] has that rare quality of being able to draw you in immediately yet continue to reward and inspire you the more you play it.”

"Whether played clean or punched into overdrive, and regardless of whether you're a single coil lover or a humbucker devotee, the Fuchs Overdrive Supreme sounds great, with well-voiced controls and kick-ass smooth distortion." -- Phil Feser and Bob Tekippe (Vintage Guitar Magazine)

ARtist Reviews

"For pure tone and the truest essence in quality and sound, nothing beats a Fuchs Overdrive Supreme!" -- Carlos Rivera (MALO, Sergio Brando, Jingles including Bud-Lite, Iberia Airlines)

"I use my Fuchs Amp in the studio a lot when I need true sound. I especially love it for cut-through rhythm sounds and for lead blues tones. A great tool for every studio!"
-- Bernie Chiaravalle (Michael McDonald)

"My Fuchs ODS-100 does battle with Dickies 100-W Marshall every night, and the tone just burns! Man, I love this amp. My Strat's never sounded fatter."
-- Dan Toler (Allman Bros. BAnd, Dickie Betts & Great Southern)

"I've sold all my other amps -- I now use and recommend Fuchs amps for the ultimate Jazz/Blues tone! I continuously receive admiring comments about my amp sound from other players -- everyone from horn players to drummers are taking notice..."
-- Michael Lewis (Spirit Jazz Records)

"I'm enjoying the Fuchs Amp so much. It's really become an extension of the instrument instead of just being a box you plug your guitar into." -- Jack Zucker, Jazz Guitarist

Customer Reviews

Michael, I finally played (my new) amp on a gig Saturday night. The band was a Motown 9-piece band with horns. The Fuchs sounded incredible. Lots of compliments from the other players. I'm very happy with it and looking forward to dialing in the overdrive channel. Thanks again for all your help. -- Ed Schultz

Hi Michael, All I can say is "Wow!" I knew the overdrive sound was going to be great, but what really surprised me were the clean sounds. Very clear and bell like, sort of an ultra, Hi-Fi type of sound... In short, I am very, very impressed. I think this amplifier is going to be very complimentary to my playing style, and if anything, it will only push me to play better... Thanks for the excellent service -- Rick Haney

Michael, I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the Fuchs ODS 30 screams! I can't believe the overdrive tones I can get with the volume barley turned on. The notes are sweet and they sing. That said the amp can be very loud too. I love it. The grill cloth with the creme tolex looks really cool. I actually have a fender clock that I bought on ebay that has a lacquer tweed frame with the exact same grill cloth on it (the exact same stuff). It is pretty cool to see the grill cloth on the clock and the amp. It really does give it a vintage look. Thanks for everything. -- Pat McGuire

The Amp is "Pheeeeeeenomenal!" -- Lou

Loving the amp. The best I've ever owned. Thanks so much for everything. -- Jeff

Tips for Fuchs Amps - by Michael Lewis

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