SoHo review by Michael Lewis

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SoHo review by Michael Lewis

Postby Blue Eyed Tone on Fri Nov 23, 2007 7:35 pm

Finally, the 65Amps SoHo has arrived and is in stock -- here's my thoughts on it...

Box - nice to see the name and company logo. Everything well packed with spaces for all the parts that come with it. Amp arrives with plenty of padding, even UPS couldn't damage it for a change.

The amp is beautiful, feels great and looks like it was well made -- I like it. Grab speaker cab, plug it in, fire it up and * w * o * w * :thumbsup: instant clean channel bliss! Very smooth, full sounding clean channel. It was instantly inspiring to play.

On the to distortion capabilities, plug into the high gain input, engage the master volume and the bump tone controls and saturate. Hmm, didn't sound right... Try a phase reverse cable -- aha! That makes a difference. Much better, still needs something different. Had the Celestion Gold... my all time favorite for clean tones. try a different speaker, EV12L then another.. G12H30 -- getting better. One more... G12M, Greenback -- oh yea, there it is. Rock and Roll past and present, right here! Excellent. 212 with G12M's -- very nice. Plenty of big with lots of tonal variation. I'm liking this amp a lot. It has a real sweet tonal quality to it, very organic sounding. I would put this more into the Marshall catagory, but compared to the Marshall I owned, the tonal options seem way greater (If I can put it that way) and the cleans are bigger and offer more highs and lows. Reminded me of the Plexi's I've heard but I've never owned a Marshall Plexi so I'm not fully qualified to compare.

What I loved about this amp -- clean channel is amazing, distortion channel got me into a great rock and roll zone that sounded current while calling to mind vintage at the same time. I love the defeatable master volume -- I've asked other amp companies to do this (not Fuchs) and they wouldn't. It was a key feature in my decision to go with 65 -- I did not pick up the other amp maker I'm referring to. Bump feature puts the rock and roll tone into your face but it's not a metal amp so it's not harsh. Stays sweet even when it's rockin. For more metal attitude you need to go with the Fuchs Frost. The amp was super quiet and didn't get noisy or have any hum problems even cranked up with my Strat. Two speaker outputs, no Y cable required -- nice feature. Good fun factor with this amp.

What I'm missing -- I like the option of an effects loop and/or reverb, but that's not typically offered with this type of design so it's not unusual that this model doesn't have it. Two channels are nicer than one but if you added a Fuchs overdrive pedal.. yikes, now that would sound incredible! Outputs are 8 or 16 ohm switchable, 4 ohm is nice if you can get it.

Bottom line -- get it! Incredible! No big shock there since I heard it, loved it and sought to become a dealer for the company. Other than the Fuchs, it's been rare for me to find any amp that is in the same league, but this one is excellent and is a totally different type of tone than the Fuchs.

SoHo head street price $2295.

This amp is in stock now!! Inquire about getting one here:

Michael Lewis
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