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A talented singer/songwriter, Michael Lewis is a multi-instrumentalist and a superb guitarist with endorsements from Taylor Guitars, Fuchs guitar amps and Keeley EFX Pedals. He was named one of the top indy artists in the country by the Independent Artist Registry. Michael is a polished performer, touring extensively across the US with International tours in Europe and performances for the 2006 Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival in Mexico.

Michael has produced commercials, music for film and television and toured with Curb Artist, Jamie Slocum (GMA new artist of the year nominee). Michael is currently co-producing a project with a legendary member of YES.

Tone Zone News

Michael Lewis Michael writes and publishes The Tone Zone a monthly newsletter with international distribution covering topics related to studio and live guitar players.

Michael's artist endorsements

Taylor Guitars Fuchs Guitar Amps Keeley Electrnics
Taylor Guitars Fuchs Guitar Amps Lava Cable Keeley Pedals
Celestion Speakers Independent Artist Registry Furman Electronics Southbound Custom Guitars
Celestion Speakers Top 50 (2007) Furman Electronics Southbound

Michael Lewis Albums

Michael Lewis Albums

Michael currently has two albums in progress: Heart Strings and Blue Street. He is using Fuchs amps exclusively on these projects. MP3 samples are posted on his website: MichaelLewisMusic.com/music.php

Michael Lewis Websites

Comments from Endorsers

Andy Fuchs

"Michael Lewis has a true gift for making beautiful music that is both great to listen to, and also reaches your inner soul.
We're both honored and thrilled that he uses our
equipment as a part of his musical voice."

Andy Fuchs
Fuchs Audio Technology
Boutique Guitar Amps

Taylor Guitars

"Michael Lewis' album "A Very Cool Christmas"
is a joy to listen to, both for its content and musicianship."

Ed Alves
Taylor Guitars
Vice President of Marketing


More Comments

Joyce Cooling

"Michael, such tasty stuff.
Killer tone. Nice Feel.
Magical Music!"

Joyce Cooling
Narada Records

Tom Hemby

"Michael, sounds great!
Cool sounding loops, great groove, great composition,
killer guitar tone..."

Tom Hemby
Grammy & Dove Award Winner
Guitarist, Producer & Songwriter


"Talent just DRIPS off th' strings of your guitar." - D.M., Olympia, WA

"This is sensational. Absolutely exquisite guitar playing.
Magnificent tone and slippery runs all done with passion and beauty."
- B.R., Sydney, Australia

"Yeah, this is just what we need: more songs with encouraging messages
to reaffirm the joy of living." - B.T.