Fuchs Viper amp

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The Viper represents Fuchs Audio Technology’s continued evolution into amplifiers for the metal genre. Combining two great preamp designs with an all–tube hard-wire relay bypassed effects loop, and an exceptionally strong power amp, has produced a sonic force to be taken very seriously ! The Viper is a dual channel platform which features two distinctly different preamp voices for maximum tonal range.

Fuchs Viper™ Features

Channel one is a classic style mid driven American-voiced bluesy overdrive. While it has plenty of gain on tap, it also features a smooth warm and round overdrive tone. It can be run clean by lowering the input gain and raising the output master. High, Mid and Low controls offer a wide tonal range. Channel two features a mid scooped traditional high gain metal voicing. An aggressive edge on the high end, an extended chunk on the low end, with amp gain to shred, hammer and scream, to your hearts delight. Both channels are pedal friendly and feature dedicated tubes for each channel (no shared tubes) to permit selecting tubes to enhance each channels tonal signature.

Low noise is assured through careful internal grounding, DC preamp tube filaments, as well as shielded audio cables and selected tubes throughout. The all-tube effects loop can be bypassed when not in use, and engaged via the rear panel loop switch. It also features high and low gain modes, for pedal or rack style effects use. The power amp features a high energy power supply with high speed switching diodes, a precision wound choke, and a large power supply reserve for tight controlled response up to full power. Like all Fuchs amps, it’s built on an aircraft grade aluminum T-6 aluminum chassis with fan cooling and stainless steel hardware throughout. A custom would output transformer has 4,8 and 16 ohm outputs, and is highly overrated and custom wound for Fuchs. The power stage features presence and thrust controls. Presence adjusts the high end response from smooth to edgy, while Thrust adjusts the level and tightness of the low end to get maximum bass from any speaker cabinet.

Units are CE and RoHs certified, available is 120 or 240 volt power configurations.


Front Panel Features:
Channel One: input gain output master, high mid low controls. Input jack
Channel Two features: input gain output master, high, mid, low controls.
Power amp features: presence and Thrust controls for high and low tailoring of power amp.

Rear Panel Features:

IEC International standard power connector for detachable power cord.
Fuse holder. AC Power, Standby, Ground polarity, 4, 8 16 ohm outputs, FX loop, FX Loop bypass switch, send output jack, return level trim switch,
Footswitch Jack:

Standard ¼” mono plug for channel switching


¾” solid wood cabinet with durable tolex covering.
Anodized aluminum chassis with long-lasting silk screened labeling on rear panel. Front panel is brushed aluminum and available in black or silver. Crème or black knobs are available. Heavy duty Cliff brand jacks. Solid metal shaft Alpha potentiometers. Ultra-long-life LED pilot lamp and heavy duty AC power, standby, and ground switches. Power stage features control, and separate bias controls for each pair of power tubes.

Viper™ Specifications

Weight (Head): 50-Lbs
Tube compliment: 6 X 12AX7 preamp tubes,
4 X 6550
100 W RMS into into 4, 8, or 16 ohms.
Input Impedance -1 Meg.

FX Loop:
Output impedance 1-K. Signal; level up to 3 volts p/p
Return impedance 100-K sensitivity from 250 mv to 3 volts p/p

Custom Options

Artist Footswitch (4-way)
Artist Footswitch (6-way)
Hand Tuning
Half Power Switch Fuchs Lucky 7 Combo

Tolex Color
Grill Cloth Color
Faceplate Knobs in Black or Creme
Combo Units (112 or 212)

Combo Amps & Cabinets

Fuchs Audio Technology combo amps and cabinets are now shipping standard with the new Eminence Wizard 12" guitar driver. These new speakers are part of the new Red Coat line from Eminence, and are designed to emulate the sound of the classic G12H-30 Celestion speaker, known for being one of the most popular most tonally balanced drivers for guitar. It features an English-made cone, on an American made stamped basket, with a 56 oz magnet and 1.75" voice coil diameter.

Fuchs Viper™ List Prices

Heads Retail Price Request a Quote for
a Viper Amp
Viper (Dual Channel) $3185

Combos are special order in a 112 or 212.