Fuchs comboo amps & Cabinets

  • Fuchs Cabinet112 (open or closed back)
  • 112 Convertible back
  • 212 (open or closed back)
  • 212 Convertible back
  • 412 Closed Back
  • 412 Split back (open/closed)

Stock Colors

  • Black Tolex with Black Grill Cloth
  • Creme Tolex with Oxblood Grill Cloth


While there are lots of choices out there for speakers and cabinets, we feel the best match for your Fuchs amp is a cabinet and speaker tuned for Fuchs products. Much of Fuchs' engineering is done through their own cabinets and drivers, and thus, maximum performance will be obtained using Fuchs cabinets with their amps.

Like our amplifiers these cabinets are solid wood (no composites or plywood’s used) and are covered in durable tolex coverings. Our 112 and 212 cabinets use the same sized shell, and are available in open, closed or convertible back styles. The interior surfaces are treated with sound insulating material to control cabinet resonance.


Cabinet Size: 11” deep x 26” wide x 20” tall.
112 Weight: 35 lbs
212 Weight: 55 lbs.

Speaker Standard

Fuchs Combo Amps and Cabinets are now shipping standard with the new Eminence Wizard 12" guitar driver. These new speakers are part of the new Red Coat line from Eminence, and are designed to emulate the sound of the classic G12H-30 Celestion speaker, known for being one of the most popular most tonally balanced drivers for guitar. It features an English-made cone, on an American made stamped basket, with a 56 oz magnet and 1.75" voice coil diameter.

Fuchs® combo amps and cabinets are now shipping standard with the new Eminence Red, White and Blues 12” guitar driver. 1x10 and 2x10 combos use Eminence “Ramrod” speakers.

The Fuchs®/Eminence FAT-S1 is still available at a slight upcharge. Contact your dealer for pricing.

Mini 112 Cabinet

Fuchs Mini CabinetThe Fuchs Mini-112 was designed to provide the sound of larger enclosures despite it's diminutive size. Its solid construction, internal acoustic treatment, and ported rear panel provides a full warm tone for any application. It's truly a great "grab and go" cabinet. Combined with Fuchs ODS, Train-45, Lucky-7 or Blackjack heads, it forms a rig about the same size as a Fuchs 112 combo, but much easier to fit into a small car trunk or back seat, and can be much easier to carry around than a combo rig with similar features.

A pair of Mini-112's fit nicely under a TDS head, producing a 212 rig that's easy to transport, and also permits the speakers to be angled outward for a wider sound stage. A number of our customers are using a pair of Mini-112's as stereo effects speakers in "wet-dry-wet" rigs. Coupled with a small stereo power amp and a rack mount processor, this can produce a seriously huge tone!

The mini-112 also makes a great monitor speaker for guitarists who'd like the speaker to face them or to allow a drummer or musicians on the other side of a stage hear them clearly.

Mini 112 Specifications

Dimensions: 14" tall, 19" wide, 10.5 deep
Weight: 35.00
Speaker: Eminence Red, White and Blue (standard)
Other speakers available at extra cost:
Celestion 1265, G12H30, Lead-80 or EV-12-L

Custom Options

Fuchs Cabinet Prices

Speaker Cabinets Speaker Retail Price Request a Quote
for a Cabinet
Mini 112 Red, White & Blue $520
1x12 Open Back Red, White & Blue $595
1x12 Closed Back Red, White & Blue $695
1x12 Tuned Ported Back Red, White & Blue $695
1x12 Cnvertible Back Red, White & Blue $745
2x12 Open Back Red, White & Blue $695
2x12 Closed Back Red, White & Blue $795
2x12 Tuned Ported Back Red, White & Blue $795
2x12 Convertible Back Red, White & Blue $845
Custom Tolex (includes Grill Cloth)  
Heads   $100
Combos   $125
Speaker Cabinets   $125
Head Covers    
TDS   $75
All Other Fuchs Models   $65
Combo Covers    
ODS 1x12   $75
ODS 2x12   $80
TDS 1x12 and 2x12   $85
Train-45 1x12   $75
Lucky-7 1x8 and 2x8   $75
BlackJack 1x8 and 2x8   $75
Speaker Cabinet Covers    
Mini 112   $75
112 and 212 models   $80