65 Amps and Keith Urban65 Royal Albert™

65- Royal Albert (45 watts) - Running 2 x KT77 power section Class A/B, the “Albert” adds a vast new vocabulary to the classic 45-50watt amplifier. Transitioning from amazing, rich and robust clean tones into tantalizing smooth distortion effortlessly, the Albert is a winner for working players who need power AND tone in one box. Instantly adopted by top level touring bands, The Albert is a workhorse that will make you heard without hurting your ears.



65 Amps Royal Albert* Complete point to point hand wiring, 100% hand assembled with care and 100% made in the USA.

* Each amp is custom voiced and broken-in thoroughly before sale to ensure 100% reliability and maximum tone!


* Normal channel is cascode/pentode based with Tone and 6-way Color controls.
* Classic Tremolo Channel is 12AX7 based with single Tone, Speed and Intensity controls.
* Cut knob affecting both channels.


* Power - Matched Premium EL84's.
* Preamp - Premium Cascode/Pentode & 12AX7.
* Phase inverter - Premium 12AX7.
* Sovtek 6CA4/EZ81.


* 1/2 watt 5% NOS Allen Bradley Carbon Comps in all tone-affecting positions.
* 1% or 2% Metal films, wirewound otherwise.


* Custom made tone capacitors based on the original Mustard Cap™. These capacitors truly represent the originals.
* Premium Quality, super fast Electrolytics.


* Custom hand-wound, premium transformers.
* Both transformers are packing serious iron and strongly deliver a wonderful, robust vocabulary to our amps.


Celestion Alnico Blue
Celestion G12H30

* The new, brighter Tone Tubby Alnico Hemp-Cone or Ceramic Hemp-Cone Speakers.
* Our house amps use a Alnico Blue or Tone Tubby Alnico and a G12H30 together... a great combination! Lots of punch and throaty detail at the same time.

Tube Sockets

* Highest grade ceramic power and rectifier tube sockets for maximum life.
* Micalex preamp tube sockets for reduced microphonics.

Nuts & Bolts

* Custom Handmade double-turret board.
* Sealed Military -Spec Toggle switches.
* Custom Handmade Baltic Birch cabinet built to exacting specifications

Disclaimer: Specifications subject to change without notice

Royal Albert™ Amp & CAbinet Prices




65–Royal Albert 45 watt Head


2x12 ext cab (Celestion G12H30 & Alnico Blue)
2x12 ext cab (2xG12H 30’s)
1x12 ext (1 Celestion Alnico Blue)
2x10 ext (Celestion Heritage 10’s)
1x12 ext (1 Celestion G12H30)
4x12 Mono/Stereo cab w/ dual ports: 2xG12H 30s’s & 2 Alnico Blues
4xG12h 30’s  


Colour Boost