65 amps Monterey Model65 Amps - Monterey™

EF86-12AX7 Cathode Follower with BumpTM circuit and Defeatable Master Volume

Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Booster, BumpTM, Bump ToneTM, Bump LevelTM, Master Volume

The Monterey (formerly the Memphis) was created with the desire to maximize the potential of the classic American 2x6V6 format. The 65-Monterey is designed with the purpose of delivering classis American amp tones with a greatly enhanced vocabulary that extends across the Atlantic to Britain. The Monterey can go from classic warm & hot American tones to a wide pallet of modern, rich boutique distortions at the flip of a switch.

All of this done without the normal sacrifices that one associates with classic American amps. The bass response stays tight and composed throughout the tonal spectrum of the amp. Distortion is robust, complex and unhampered by the normal shortcomings of traditional circuits. This means: no flabby low-end, no shrill top-end; a pleasant, detailed rendition of your favorite 6V6 vocabulary with many new voices, American and British, added.

The Monterey, along with 65amps SoHo model, employs their trademarked BumpTM control. The BumpTM control is a much more effective alternative to traditional channel switching. The BumpTM allows the user gain-up and re-slope the amp's tone stack allowing a much more midrange to flow through the circuit; thereby gaining up the entire amp naturally and not inducing false preamp gain that creates fizz and buzz. The end result is the effect of having 2 amps in one.

Lastly, they've included a bypassable Master Volume called a "Reductive MasterTM". When the Master is rolled down, the tone-stack is re-sloped to emphasize the frequencies that our ears hear better at high-volumes. The end result is the impression of a large amp blasting, but at bedroom or small-gig volumes. When the Master is bypassed, the entire Master circuit is completely removed, leaving only the pure guitar signal to flow unfettered through the circuit.



The Monterey is available as a Head or a Combo.

• 22 WATT (2x6V6) or 38 WATT (4x6V6) with half power switch
• Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Booster, BumpTM, Bump ToneTM, Bump LevelTM, Master Volume

Monterey™ Amp & Cabinet Prices




65–Monterey 22 watt Head
65–Monterey 38 watt Head $2,995
65–Monterey 22 watt Combo $3,095
65–Monterey 38 watt Combo


2x12 ext cab (Celestion G12H30 & Alnico Blue)
2x12 ext cab (2xG12H 30’s)
1x12 ext (1 Celestion Alnico Blue)
2x10 ext (Celestion Heritage 10’s)
1x12 ext (1 Celestion G12H30)
4x12 Mono/Stereo cab w/ dual ports: 2xG12H 30s’s & 2 Alnico Blues
4xG12h 30’s  


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