65 Amps - Marquee club™

65 Amps Marquee Club65 Marquee Club (35 watts) – Designed and Voiced to behave exactly like several of the most renowned mid-powered amps. The rich power of 4xEL84’s Cathode Biased running in Class A, make this amp an instant hit. The Marquee Club, aside from being more powerful than the London, has a wide tonal palette that can easily range from crystalline, chimey cleans to very aggressive, natural distortion. This amp is “go to” amp for a working player who needs a lot of tone in one box. With an extended vocabulary well above most amps of this family, the Marquee Club will serve well.

65 Amps Marquee Club 35 watts front 65 Amps Marquee Club 35 watts back

Marquee Club™ Amp & CAbinet Prices




65–Marquee Club 35 watt Head
65–Marquee Club 35 watt Combo
$3,395 – $3,495


2x12 ext cab (Celestion G12H30 & Alnico Blue)
2x12 ext cab (2xG12H 30’s)
1x12 ext (1 Celestion Alnico Blue)
2x10 ext (Celestion Heritage 10’s)
1x12 ext (1 Celestion G12H30)
4x12 Mono/Stereo cab w/ dual ports: 2xG12H 30s’s & 2 Alnico Blues
4xG12h 30’s  


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