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65 amp quotes

Vintage Guitar Magazine

Vintage guitar magazine

“The London (65 Amp) offers incredible sounds with virtually any guitar, delivering fantastic gain, clarity, punch, response, smoothness, tightness. And most importantly, the London does it with a tone that it can proudly claim as entirely its own. It simply sounds amazing.”

Guitar World

Guitar World

“The London 65's lush overdrive and velvet clean tones recall some of the finest sounds of the British Invasion. In looks and performance, it's an instant classic.”

65 Amps

65 Amps

65 Amps are based on vintage Rock-N-Roll voicings and these handcrafted, roadworthy amps are being endorsed by a multitude of major label artists and producers.

65 Amps are touring with:

• Royal Albert™
Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill

• Soho™
Keith Urban, Bon Jovi, Michelle Branch, Cheap Trick, LeAnn Rimes, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Jackson Browne

• Marquee Club™
Steve Miller Band, Switchfoot, Faith Hill

• London™
Rascal Flatts, The Eagles, Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban, Switchfoot, Steve Miller Band, John Fogerty, Faith Hill, Brooks & Dunn, Billy Joel, Jackson Browne, Lisa Marie Presley

65 Amps - Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007:
65AMPS was well represented at this historic event during the segment of the show featuring Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow, Willie Nelson and Albert Lee. Currently being featured on NPR affiliate stations. DVD is now available.

65AMPS are currently on television almost every week -- either on TV specials, HD broadcasts or network weekly shows such as Today Show and Good Morning America and the late night shows David Letterman, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel. Last Call with Carson Daily actually purchased two 65AMPS, a London 212 Combo and Soho Head & 112 Cab' to keep on hand for their visiting artists with Joe Firstman's House Band!

65 Amps London 18 watt 65 London™

65 London (18 watts) – Evolved from some of the Mid-Sixties best low-powered amplifiers. The 2xEL84, Cathode Biased, Class A sound is that of astonishing warmth, depth, harmonic richness all in a small package that allows big-amp sound on small stages, in the studio or at home.

65 Royal Albert™

65 Amps Royal Albert 45 watts65- Royal Albert (45 watts) - Running 2 x KT77 power section Class A/B, the “Albert” adds a vast new vocabulary to the classic 45-50 watt amplifier. Transitioning from amazing, rich and robust clean tones into tantalizing smooth distortion effortlessly, the Albert is a winner for working players who need power AND tone in one box. Instantly adopted by top level touring bands, The Albert is a workhorse that will make you heard without hurting your ears.

65 Marquee Club™

65 Amps Marquee Club 35 watts65-Marquee Club (35 watts) – Designed and Voiced to behave exactly like several of the most renowned mid-powered amps. The rich power of 4xEL84’s Cathode Biased running in Class A, make this amp an instant hit. The Marquee Club, aside from being more powerful than the London, has a wide tonal palette that can easily range from crystalline, chimey cleans to very aggressive, natural distortion. This amp is “go to” amp for a working player who needs a lot of tone in one box. With an extended vocabulary well above most amps of this family, the Marquee Club will serve well.

65 SoHo™

65 Amps Soho 20 watts65 – SoHo (20 watts or 35 watts with half-power switch) – Designed to be a super-functional amp for working players and enthusiasts who desire widely varied tones in one amp. The SoHo can transition seamlessly from the best of American tones to the sweetest British tones via the “Bump” function and NOT switching channels. The Bump will radically shift the tone-stack functionality achieving astonishing renditions of dozens of excellent, natural sounds. In addition to the “Bump” function, there is a defeatable Master Volume that is revolutionary in that is slopes the tone stack as you turn the Master down, giving the Master a very natural sound and ultra-low volumes. The Master can be turned on for “Home” mode and completely defeated for “Gig” mode. This amp is a must for studio players, small club gigs and enthusiasts who need to play at reduced volumes.

65 Monterey™ -- New!!!

65amps Monterey

65 Monterey is available in 22 watt or 38 watt (with half power switch) configurations.

The 65-Monterey is designed with the purpose of delivering classis American amp tones with a greatly enhanced vocabulary that extends across the Atlantic to Britain. The Monterey can go from classic warm & hot American tones to a wide pallet of modern, rich boutique distortions at the flip of a switch.

The Monterey made its debut at the January 2008 NAMM Show. Everyone is raving about this amp -- there are some seriously glowing reviews that will be hitting print in the next few months. Radical Tone is one of the first dealers to have these amazing amps in stock!!!

65 Rocket™

65 Rocket - 80 watt (2xKT88), EF86-12AX7 Cathode Follower
with BumpTM circuit and Defeatable Master Volume
List Price Head - $3,595

Designed for the player who needs some sweet "loud-n-clean" that will transition to modern, rich, complex gain at the flip of a switch. The Rocket-88 can provide amazingly loud, clean headroom that is dripping with even-order harmonics, bell-like overtones and sophisticated richness, but effortlessly switch to smooth, aggressive distortion that is dialed with our 65-Bump™ control.

This amp is a monster and will certainly change your mind about what sounds can live inside one amp alone. The Rocket-88 was custom designed for 2 top-level touring artists and is available via special order only. You won't be disappointed...