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Michael Lewis demonstrates his new signature Pro I guitar.

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We have a fabulous sparkle blue custom Fuchs HRM-100 in stock. Fabulous sound at a pre-owned price!
ODS-100 Sparkle Blue Tolex


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manufactured by 65Amps are in stock now!

Lewis Signature Guitar

At long last!!! The first production run of Michael Lewis signature guitars (the Pro I, The Panther and the Pro35) have arrived. Michael met with top Nashville session guitarists for their input, and received favorable and even exuberant responses from all of them. Available for purchase NOW!!!

65amps Reviews

Vintage Guitar Magazine

Vintage guitar magazine

“The London (65 Amp) offers incredible sounds with virtually any guitar, delivering fantastic gain, clarity, punch, response, smoothness, tightness. And most importantly, the London does it with a tone that it can proudly claim as entirely its own. It simply sounds amazing.”

Guitar World

Guitar World

“The London 65's lush overdrive and velvet clean tones recall some of the finest sounds of the British Invasion. In looks and performance, it's an instant classic.”

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the Quest for Perfect Tone

Michael Lewis with The Panther - a Michael Lewis signature guitar

If I had to guess, you're probably one of those rare guitar players who has made up your mind. You know what you want and you've chosen to engage yourself in a quest to find it -- perfect tone.

Radical Tone is an outlet for products I personally endorse and use as a session player / live guitarist with 24 years of experience in the studio and 30 years of live experience with a countless number of gigs and bands at every level.

The difference between Radical Tone and other music stores is simple -- our business is based upon a relationship with our customers, we don't base our business on sales quotas. I only carry and recommend products I'm personally sold on and confident my customers will love. if I don't like it, if I don't believe in it, if I wouldn't buy it or use it myself, I'm not going to recommend it to my customers.

We have an ever growing list of happy customers and we will do what we can to earn your business. Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to hearing from you. -- Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis Guitars

Michael Lewis Pro 1 GuitarThe innovative Michael Lewis Pro I series guitars are in production. Can one guitar do it all? Possibly!

This amazing concept in guitars has outstanding acoustic sweetness and is able to capture sounds ranging from rock, blues, and jazz. A must-have for the serious professional guitarist -- on stage and in the studio.

Pro I ™ Panther ™ Pro 35 ™ Leopard ™

The Michael Lewis Pro I was critiqued and favorably reviewed by Nashville's top session guitarists. These phenomenal players added their own ideas and suggestions which were implemented in the final design of this guitar.

65Amps - Vintage Rock N Roll

65 Amps and Cabinet

This is the tone that is taking the music industry by storm. These handcrafted, roadworthy amps are being endorsed by a multitude of major label artists and producers. If you're looking for great Vintage Rock tone, this is it.

The new Monterey (Memphis) Model was just released at the NAMM Show in January. We are one of the first dealers to have these amps on hand. The "Memphis" model name has been changed to "Monterey". We have one "Memphis" model in stock and it will be a collector item.

I was first introduced to 65amps when I was asked by Celestion Speakers to bring one of their "Golds" down to Soundcheck Studios in Nashville to be used in a 65amps demonstration for Keith Urban. I was not the only one knocked out by the vintage rock sound -- Keith purchased five of them on the spot.

The Radical Tone Advantage

When you go to purchase music gear, you want the latest info and the inside scoop. Some dealers may not know about items such as reverse phase cables or that you have to make a critical adjustment to some amps when operating at half power. When you order gear from us, you get the answers you need to help you make the right decision about which model to buy, plus experienced help, discounts on accessories and more... Want to talk tone? Just fill out our quote request and I'll call you personally regarding your purchase.

Here's a note I received from a guitarist subscribed to my Tone Zone newsletter:

This may sound odd, but I got a Fuchs ODS last year, sat down with it a couple of times and couldn't relate to the layout....and couldn't find the tone I wanted. I religated the amp to my "stable" and went back to what I was used to. Today I got an email from Michael with Holiday greetings, which reminded me why I bought the Fuchs in the first place. I went to the suggested blog (on the Radical Tone Forum), read one post "How did you approach the amp", plugged in and started there. Lo and behold, the sound I was looking for was right there... kind of like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz... I had the way home, I just didn't know it. Now, I'm hearing all my guitars for the first time. Each one is sparkling! My Brian May, strat plus, L-5, Tele's, Thank you Michael.

- Michael Lewis